Company Profile

Company Profile

[Company Profile]

Since its establishment in 2003, Fuzhou Rixing Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. take full advantage of rich resources in lianjiang and is market-oriented. The company adheres to the idea “serious, honest, quality and brand”. It is always in the way to scientific and technological innovation and maintaining the brand.

 The company has achieved diversification of nursery, breeding, processing, sales, scientific research, etc., and was awarded "China's Top 100 Aquatic Products Enterprises", "National High-tech Enterprises", "Fujian Marine Industry Leading Enterprise", "Agricultural Industrialization Provincial Key Leading Enterprise" and many other honorary titles.

[Abalone breeding base]

Located in Lianjiang, the hometown of abalone in China, Captain Jiang ’s abalone farm base covers an area of 4,500 Mu, and has been certified as "Agricultural Geographical Indications", "Organic Farming base" and " Origin of Non-pollution Agricultural Products ". The base close to the East China Sea and face Taiwan Strait. With moderation temperature and salinity, smooth and clear water flow, rich reefs and creatures, lush seaweed in the sea area.Abalone farmed here is fat, delicate and tasty.

Company Dynamics

Company Dynamics



Seafood gift box

Abalone can(gift)

Abalone can (gift)


Dried Small Shrimp

Chinese Seafood Cuisine(bag)

Chinese Seafood Cuisine(gift)

Chinese Seafood Cuisine(pot)

Dried Sea Cucumber

Frozen Sea Cucumber

Squid and Fish Roe

Frozen Sliced Herring and Fish Roe

Frozen Seasoned Capelin Roe

Frozen Seasoned Flying Fish Roe

Frozen Blanched Abalone (with viscera)

Frozen Abalone

Frozen Blanched Abalone Meat(clean)

Frozen Abalone Meat

Frozen Marinated Abalone

Frozen Blanched Abalone Meat(with black line)

Frozen Blanched Abalone(gutted)

Dried Abalone

Abalone and Noodles

Abalone and Fish maw

Dried Abalone Can

Spicy Abalone(Bag)

Curry Abalone (Bag)

Rice and Abalone

Abalone Can(Dried Abalone taste)

Brine Abalone

Spicy Abalone

Braised Abalone (King-size)

Brine Abalone Can

Spicy Abalone Can

Braised Abalone Can(QQ)

Braised Abalone Can(6PCS)

Curry Aablone Can

Braised Abalone (10pcs)

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Cooperative Partner