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Capelin roe

Frozen season capelin roe
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Flying fish is a kind of nutritious food, contains a lot of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin and riboflavin, also rich in cholesterol, is a good supplement for the human brain and bone marrow, growing agent. Eggs per 100 grams contains water, 63.85 to 85.29 grams, 0.63 4.19 grams fat; Thick 12.08 33.01 grams of protein; 1.24 2.06 grams of crude ash, crude ash, and contains a lot of phosphate and lime, the phosphate content more than 40% on average, is a good tonic) of brain and bone marrow.

Flying fish eggs in the amount of vitamin A, B, D is also very rich, and vitamin A can prevent eye disease, vitamin B can prevent beriberi and stunting, vitamin D can prevention and treatment of rickets. In addition, fish eggs also contain a lot of cephalin class of nutrients. These nutrients to the human body, is extremely important to growth and development, in particular, is relatively lack in our daily consumption.

Because of its high nutritional value, market demand is big, per kilogram of some samples for 30 ~ 60 yuan, after processing the export of high value-added products, in recent years for catching fly eggs homework is developing rapidly.

Now fly eggs in the market after processing, appear all sorts of color, orange, green, red, and so on, the color is so beautiful, let a person shine at the moment, can eat to kaifeng, also can pack the sushi, folios or side dish of rice and so on.