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Flying fish roe

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Flying fish is a kind of nutritious food, contains a lot of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin and riboflavin, also rich in cholesterol, is a good supplement for the human brain and bone marrow, growing agent. Eggs per 100 grams contains water, 63.85 to 85.29 grams, 0.63 4.19 grams fat; Thick 12.08 33.01 grams of protein; 1.24 2.06 grams of crude ash, crude ash, and contains a lot of phosphate and lime, the phosphate content more than 40% on average, is a good tonic) of brain and bone marrow.

Flying fish eggs in the amount of vitamin A, B, D is also very rich, and vitamin A can prevent eye disease, vitamin B can prevent beriberi and stunting, vitamin D can prevention and treatment of rickets. In addition, fish eggs also contain a lot of cephalin class of nutrients. These nutrients to the human body, is extremely important to growth and development, in particular, is relatively lack in our daily consumption.

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