Fotiaoqiang – Buddha jumps over the wall Premium Seafood Stew – Fujian Cuisine, keep in normal temperature

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“Captain Jiang” Fotiaoqiang selects a variety of ingredients to match the broth, which is cooked for over 24 hours, no preservatives and no flavors, delicious and nutritious. You can enjoy a delicious meal with simple operation, and it is the first choice for gifts and banquets. Let’s enjoy the oriental delicacy.

  • Ingredients: Soup, Abalone, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Fish Lips and other premium ingredients.
  • Package: 250g/can,260g/bag
  • Storage: Please keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Country of origin: China
  • Taste: Rich seafood flavor, taste a variety of delicious seafood all at once.
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    1.History of  FO TIAO QIANG
    FOTIAOQIANG, it’s typical dish of Min Cai(Fujian Cuisine) and appears in many important state guest’s table. Such as: American president Reagan and Queen Elizabeth . It’s known for fragrant and appetizing smell.  There are many stories on the origin of the dish. Among them, a common story is: Fujian custom suggests that bride should cook dishes for the parents-in-law in the third day after marrying. There was a rich girl who knew  nothing about cooking. Before marrying, her mother cooked many dishes in advance and packed it up, then told the bride the culinary methods. However the bride forgot methods, so she put all the dishes into a jar and escaped to parent’s home. Next day, her mother-in-law go to the kitchen and found a jar, when she opened it ,the aroma filled house. and this is “Fo Tiao Qiang”, of course, the bride was praised.

    2. Selected high-quality seafood, and preserve the original flavor of the ingredients, rich in protein and collagen.
    Abalone is plump and tender, sea cucumber is firm and Q, mollusks are strong and crisp, dried scallops are tender and extremely fresh, and snail meat is fresh and smooth.

    3. The soup is boiled for dozens of hours, which is mellow but not greasy and has an aroma that is endless.

    4. Contained no other meat product than seafood. Low fat and low calories.

    5. No preservatives and no flavors.

    6. having a healthy and delicious meal in simple steps: Ready to serve after opening. It tastes better when heated.


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