Marine Bioactive Oyster Peptide Collagen Powder Drink

Short Description:

Oyster meat【sourced from the company’s oyster (triploid oyster) farm, is rich in meat, known as the “milk of the sea”, and is the richest in zinc of all foods.】

  • Package: 3g/Bag,6bag/Box; 3g/Bag,10bag/Box; 3g/Bag,20bag/Box; 3g/Bag,60bag/Box.
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Storage Conditions: Keep sealed in a cool, dry and ventilated place
  • Origin: Fuzhou,China
  • How to eat: Take one bag in the morning and one bag in the evening with 150ml-200ml of warm water. It can also be added to milk, honey, fruit juice and other drinks.
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    • Material Source: Oyster meat【sourced from the company's oyster (triploid oyster) farm, is rich in meat, known as the "milk of the sea", and is the richest in zinc of all foods.】
    • Color: Light yellow powder
    • State: Powder
    • Technology Process: Modern bioenzymatic and peptide molecular biotechnologyProduct-details
    • Smell: Special fishy smell
    • Molecular Weight: ≤ 1000Dal
    • Nutritional ingredient: Contains 17 amino acids such as arginine and lysine required by the body, as well as trace elements such as zinc and selenium.
    • Function: Regulates immunity, provides energy, detoxifies and protects the liver, relieves fatigue, enhances vitality and improves quality of life.
    • Suitable for: People who exercise, people who are physically weak, people who are easily fatigued, people who drink and socialize, and people who are in need of a drink Kidney tonic.
    • Unsuitable groups: underage, pregnant and lactating women and those who are allergic to this product.

    Our Advantage


    Fuzhou Rixing Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. established in 2003, is an industrialized enterprise integrating nursery, breeding, processing, research and sales. It has won certificates of China High-tech Enterprise, China Famous Trademark, High-quality Development Base of Agricultural International Trade, etc. Material for abalone, oyster and sea cucumber comes from 300 hectares CIQ registered farming base with A S C, organic and pollution-free certification.


    Breeding base:Three major aquaculture bases for abalone, oysters and sea cucumbers.
    Corporate accreditation:ISO22000, HACCP food hygiene and safety management system, BRC, MSC, ASC and organic certificated.

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