Frozen Seasoned Herring Fillets With Roe

Short Description:

  • Brand: Captain Jiang
  • Specifications: For specific specifications, we suggest you ask the staff.
  • Package: Bag + colourful box
  • Origin: Import
  • How to eat: Thawed and ready to serve
  • Shelf Life: 18 months
  • Storage Conditions: Freezing at -18°C
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    • Color: Red、Yellow、Green
    • Taste: A combination of herring and capelin roe with an attractive colour, fresh but not fishy, multi-layered texture, crisp and sweet.eqw6
    • Nutritional ingredient: Herring, rich in phospholipids, has a miraculous effect on cardiovascular health, gradually lowering blood pressure and slowing down the rate of atherosclerosis, and has a beneficial effect on the development of the brain of the foetus during pregnancy; in addition, herring's rich calcium content can prevent osteoporosis.
      Capelin roe, rich in minerals, trace elements and protein, has a beneficial effect on skin health and skin care. It also has the effect of cleansing the liver and removing fire and brightening the eyes, especially for the eyes of small children.

    Recommended Recipe


    Sliced Hering With Fish Roe Sushi

    Prepare fresh, frozen seasoned herring fillets with roe.Prepare sushi rice, sushi bamboo curtains, seaweed and other tools such as knives, moulds etc.Place the  frozen seasoned herring fillets with roe on the flattened rice and roll and slice them with salad dressing, ketchup, wasabi sauce, etc.Or mix the  frozen seasoned herring fillets with roe into the rice and place it in the mould to make your own shape of sushi.


    Sliced Hering With Fish Roe salad

    Prepare seafood ingredients such as salmon, prawns and raw vegetables such as lettuce and shiso leaves that go well with frozen seasoned herring fillets with roe.Add the prepared ingredients to the sauce and mix together for a delicious and low calorie meal that is perfect for those on a diet.

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