Fresh abalone Brine abalone canned

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  • Brand: Captain Jiang
  • Product Name: Fresh abalone Brine abalone canned
  • Specifications: For specific specifications, we suggest you ask the staff
  • Package: Tin Can
  • Origin: Fuzhou, China
  • How to eat: Open and serve, or heat and serve. Also delicious as noodles, congee, noodles and with vegetables.
  • Shelf Life: 36 months
  • Storage Conditions: Keep at room temperature away from light
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    • Main ingredients: Fresh Abalone(The abalone originates from the company's own environmentally friendly plastic fishing raft farming base of 300 hectares, which is ecologically farmed, organic and healthy.)qtby2
    • Taste: The fresh abalone is simmered in a clear broth without any additives, restoring the original taste of abalone.
    • Suitable for: Suitable for all ages (Except for those with seafood allergy)
    • Major allergens: Molluscs (Abalone)
    • Nutritional ingredient: Abalone is a traditional and precious Chinese ingredient. Its meat is tender and rich in flavour. It ranks as one of the "Eight Treasures of the Sea" and is known as the "Crown of Seafood". It is an extremely valuable seafood and has been renowned in the international market. Not only that, abalone is also rich in nutrition and has great medicinal value. Studies have found that abalone is rich in protein, 30% to 50% of which is collagen, far more than other fish and shellfish. It is also rich in protein, amino acids and calcium (Ca), which is important for regulating the body's acid-base balance and maintaining neuromuscular excitement. It is also rich in iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), selenium (Se), magnesium (Mg) and other mineral elements.

    Recommended Recipe


    Abalone & Chicken Soup

    Cut the chicken into nuggets, put it in a pot and boil water until the water boiling, then remove the chicken nuggets. Prepare slices of ginger, green onion, and goji berries. Pour water into the pot, add chicken nuggets and ingredients, and finally pour in the canned abalone and cook for five minutes.

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